Starting from
$38.00 CAD
Website Maintenance & Troubleshooting
We can review your website, troubleshoot and fix an issue, and recommend ways for improvements.
$10.00 CAD
Change Primary Domain
We can change a Primary Domain Name for your existing hosting account. Please keep in mind that the primary domain name change for the CMS based websites may involve some adjustments within your CMS admin area and/or configuration files; and other post-change procedures. We recommend reviewing documentation of your CMS before initiating the primary domain name change.
$19.98 CAD
Convert Addon Domain to Full cPanel Account
Convert an existing addon domain into a full cPanel account. Addon domains allow you to host multiple domains under a single cPanel account. When you convert an addon domain into a stand-alone cPanel account, you gain more control over the domain’s resources, such as databases, FTP accounts, and SSH access.
$10.00 CAD
Restore Account Backup
We create weekly accounts backups on shared servers, and we can restore from those. However, this is NOT a procedure you should rely on to keep your content safe. Backups made every Saturday; only the newest backups are kept. We can restore the entire account only and we make no guarantees about our weekly backups.