My site is down! Email is not working! I can't access cPanel!

Please do not panic! Sometimes your IP address  may become blocked in our firewall and therefore nothing will be working on your device.

First, please check if it is "just you". Visit the [ ] website and type in your domain name.

  • If it is "just you", then your website is not down and others can still see your website. Please do the following:
    1. Visit the [ ] and find the IPv4 address of your device. You need just the IPv4 address. Our system is not blocking the IPv6 addresses.

    2. Navigate to the Unban IP Address Center in your client area [ ], type your IPv4 address in the "Unban IP Address" field, and click the "Check IP" button.

    3. If you IPv4 address has been banned by server firewall, a reason for banning will appear on the page. Please make sure that you understand a reason for banning. You must resolve this issue, otherwise our firewall will block your IP address again.

    4. Click the "Unban" button. That is all, now please refresh your web browser and everything should start working on your device.


  • If your webste is down "not just for you", please make sure that:
    1. Your domain name and hosting account are not expired. Please check out that you have paid all your outstanding invoices.

    2. Your domain name is using correct Nameservers.

In the very rare cases your server indeed would be down for maintenance or due to some technical issues. In this case you should get an email notice from us about a maintenance downtime.

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