Accessing webmail via the Client Area.

To access the Webmail via the Client Area please follow the directions below:

  • Log into the Client Area using your primary email address and your password.
  • Navigate to the Services > My Services section from the top navigation menu.
  • Click the Manage Product button in the last column of the product table.
  • Scroll down to the One Click Login section and click the Webmail icon. (Some clients may find the Login to Webmail link in the Actions box in the left column).

Make sure that you are using correct credentials, otherwise your IP address could get blocked by server firewall.

  • Username: Your Full Email Address
  • Password: Use the email password that you have set up during an email account creation in your cPanel

If you forgot your email account password, please reset it by following directions provided in the "How to change your email account password" article.

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